Wounded Warrior Ointment®
is made with a proprietary blend of locally sourced,
wild-crafted or Organically grown Goldenseal, Calendula,
Yarrow, White Cedar, Witch Hazel, Comfrey, Lobelia & Gotu Kola, extracted in Organic pure cane alcohol, blended in a
Aloe Vera gel.

In the healing world, there is sometimes a disconnect with the allopathic/ western and alternative/herbal communities. A few things cross over, building a bridge between the two communities and aloe is certainly one of them. A studied and documented herb by western doctors, Aloe is a folk medicine that everyone agrees works. Don't trust it? Look into the kitchens of many bakeries and you'll see a happy little aloe plant growing in the window, loving the steamy environment and waiting for a burned hand to reach out, pinch one of the leaves and be applied for immediate relief. Used both orally and topically, Aloe is the Queen Bee when it comes to taking the sting out of & reducing the scars from burns. Lesser known uses, but no less effective, Aloe is remedial for psoriasis, eczema, chapped skin, bruises, frostbite, herpes, ringworm, rosacea, liver spots, wrinkles, stretch marks et cetera. Basically, if you have skin, you need Aloe. Trust me.  

  • burns!
  • accelerates the healing of bruises
  • lightens skin and heals scars


Witch Hazel
You may have heard products claim that they were "astringent" but what does this really mean? When something is astringent, it means that it will shrink tissues and by default, reduce inflammation. The word means "to bind fast" and this is good news to inflamed skin. The queen of all astringents is Witch Hazel, a traditional medicine by New England native peoples. This shrub found its way into 1880's pharmacies as it was so quick to reduce painful skin abrasions, bug bites, swelling from Poison Ivy and Poison Oak and even calming minor burns. Witch Hazel continues to find its well earned way into the medicine cabinets of people world wide.

  • astringent
  • reduces swelling & inflammation
  • bug bite relief


Goldenseal is recognized as a plant with medicinal powers paramount to almost none other. Alternate names for Goldenseal are "Eye Balm" and "Eye Root". You can put this plant directly in the eye to treat serious or minor infections. Goldenseal contains the chemical berberine, a compound found to treat trachoma, a bacterial infection that can cause blindness. Impressed yet? Used not just for the eyes, but for any openly infected areas of the body (mouth, broken skin), Goldenseal is a very strong disinfectant, antiseptic and astringent. Herbalists also use this shade loving, woodland plant, as a wound healer, muscular pain reliever and as an antispasmodic. 

  • antiseptic & disinfectant
  • astringent
  • antispasmodic


White Cedar
Held sacred by the Ojibwe peoples of Canada, White Cedar is a tree that was considered a gift to humanity for its medicinal properties. How do you like them apples?

Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving are some of the properties that White Cedar provides. If you have psoriasis, White Cedar is here to help you.

  • reduces swelling
  • antifungal
  • pain reliever

Gotu Kola
Why is there gotu kola in this formula? Isn't it an herb used for memory and brain function? Yes, you are right (and good memory!) Its also eaten as a salad green in India by both elephants and humans. Maybe that's why elephants are so smart! Gotu Kola will help speed up wound healing and skin recovery from minor burns and abrasions. Its been successfully used in treating leprosy (yes, that still exists) and psoriasis. In China, it has been referred to as the "fountain of life" due to the legend that a Chinese herbalist lived to be more than 200 years old as a result of using Gotu Kola. Even if you don't live for another century, using this plant for scars, abrasions and wounds can help you live this century a little happier and healthier. 

  • anti-inflammatory
  • reduces dermatitis from radiation burns
  • wound healer

Ever have a wound that is taking forever to heal? Its been months and you've tried everything to clear it up, but its taking its sweet time? That little patch of eczema on your arm that crept up last year and is just hanging out not going away? Meet, Yarrow. She's a plant traditionally used by North American native peoples for those stubborn, slow healing wounds, rashes, inflamed or chapped skin. And she's your new best friend. Not as sexy a plant as chamomile, she contains azulene, a mighty curative compound that chamomile is known for, but yarrow gives you a healthy dose too. A friendly addition to anyone's medicine cabinet, Yarrow is antimicrobial, so you can use it for athletes foot or ringworm. 

  • anti-bacterial against Staph infections
  • anti-microbial
  • wound healer

Celebrated and held sacred by people worldwide, from the ancient Romans and Mayans to the 19th century Eclectics and modern herbalists, Calendula is a mighty force of an herb. Antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-tumor (yes, you read that right!) Calendula packs a stunning arsenal of medicine. Used to treat open wounds during the American Civil War and the first World War, Calendula was a battlefield nurse; Used to keep hemorrhaging at bay, cleaning wounds and relieving pain, this bright flowering plant brings sunshine to the body. If you're familiar with the power of Arnica for pain, think of Calendula as her sweet and strong, unassuming sister, quietly tending to wounds, irritations, bleeding and infection. Pretty dynamic flower!

  • anti-septic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • stops bleeding


Also called "Knitbone" or "Boneset", Comfrey, is a plant found growing in most herbalists' gardens. Grown for its mammoth healing qualities, Comfrey contains allantoin, a chemical compound rarely found in plants. Found in over 10,000 OTC products (though mainly from animal sources), the allatoin in Comfrey helps keep moisture on the skin, helps shed older layers of the skin and assists in new cells to regenerate. Basically, comfrey will keep your skin smooth and beautiful by shedding the old and building the new. It accelerates healing of wounds and abrasions while simultaneously reducing inflammation. Talk about a multi-tasker!

  • anti-inflammatory
  • stimulates cell growth
  • pain reliever